ZTCS Steel Post-tensioning Compression Fitting Machine

ZTCS Steel Post-tensioning Compression Fitting Machine designed by idea of hydraulic system with low rotation rate and high torque features.
The power was driven by motor which operate at a high pressure pump, then transmit through to hydraulic motors for the mechanical means.
This device provides low and high speed.
Operating speed from Low speed of 600RPM to high speed of 1100RPM
The pusher is Capable of push over 100M at low speed and 160M in high speed.
The fitting gauge showed pushing length obviously within operation.
The machine is capability of adjusting and retracting the superabundant strand at low speed with ease.
The strand frame produced by our company is made of most practical iron material.
Assembling easily, operation without crane, practical to use, low budget and high work efficiency.
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Product Details

Description of Post tensioning compression fitting machine:

Post tensioning compression fitting machine is prestressed work, as the main channel tool wear steel hinge line for building bridges and large buildings. Can be configured according to user needs.

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Parameters of Post-tensioning Compression Fitting Machine:

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