2ZBQ Series Pneumatic Cement Grout Pump

Application of pneumatic cement grout pump:
1. Mainly used for underground injection grouting in Roadway Bolting, and subway.
2. To inject grout fast and safe.
3.It can also be customized to inject Cement mortar with sand dia under 3mm.
4.Come and contact us for more detail and professional suggestion.

Product Details


1.The pneumatic cement grout pump uses compressed air as a power, with a small size, light weight, will not overload the characteristics.

2.It can be used in flammable, explosive, strong magnetic, radiation, dust, temperature changes and the place of water, can be safe to use.


2ZBQ Pneumatic Injector Pump using compressed air for power, can be in the large shower, high-gas occasions safe use. Can be locked for a long time without heat problems.


2ZBQ Pneumatic Injector Pump is mainly used for coal mine, iron ore and other well wall waterproofing, reinforcement grouting project, as well as subway, tunnel, water conservancy, construction and other grouting plugging and fracturing rock grouting consolidation project.

Technical Parameters

Rated displacement

20-50 L/min

Preset pressure


Number of sand cylinders


Into the pulp pipe diameter


Total Weight


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