China Dual Liquid Cement Grouting Pump Manufacturers

China Dual Liquid Cement Grouting Pump Manufacturers

(1) continuous grouting can not stop (2) 3mm steel plate, durable
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China Dual liquid Cement Grouting pump Manufacturers

Introduction of HYB hydraulic grout pump:

HYB double liquid grouting pump can be used for pump and pressure grouting in cement slurry, yellow mud, water glass, oil, water and so on. This machine can be widely used in small tunnel grouting in tunnel, pipe shed and tunnel.

Main functions: waterproof plugging, collapse repair, slope support.

HYB Dual liquid Cement Grouting pump features:

Can pump two kinds of medium at the same time can also pump one kind of medium separately, the performance is stable, the structure is compact, the operation and maintenance is convenient, the failure rate is low, the single cylinder and double liquid.

HYB70/80 hydraulic grout pumps parameters:

Model: HYB70/80

Traffic: 70l/min (4.2m3/h)

Stress: 80kg (8Mpa)

Motor power: 11kw

Grouting pipe: 32mm/38mm

Suction tube: 51mm

Vertical lift: 50-70m

Horizontal lift: 100-150m

Matching products: double deck vertical mixer

Parameter: capacity 180/250L speed: 60r/min power: 2.2kw

Agitation: 6m3/h size: 1000x1700x1000mm weight: 250kg

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Features of hydraulic grout pumps for skid steer:

(1) continuous grouting can not stop

(2) 3mm steel plate, durable.

Performance of hydraulic powered grout pump:

according to the advanced technology of foreign countries, the hydraulic energy consumption is small, the vibration is small, the noise is small, the volume is small, the efficiency is high, the performance is stable and reliable, the pressure and the flow regulation are convenient. The advantages of long life and so on.

The pump is divided into full hydraulic and single liquid. Double liquid dual use. High quality grouting pump with adjustable pressure.

Use of Dual liquid Cement Grouting pump:

widely used in tunnel, pipe shed grouting, small pipe grouting, subway, mine underground and other underground works waterproof. It can press water and sticky slurry, and can press mortar with a diameter of less than 2 millimeters in the slurry. The scope of application is wide. All kinds of construction, municipal engineering, tunnel engineering, mine, oil and so on.