High Pressure Vertical Grouting Pump

Applications of High pressure vertical grouting pump : tunnels, mining, dam foundations, soil compaction, soil & rock grouting, waterproofing, soil anchors, rock bolts, encasements, and post tensioning.
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Introduction of High pressure vertical grouting pump

High pressure vertical grouting pump compose of two parts: drive mechanism and pump body, installed on base.

The motor drives the bend axle through V-belt and a pair of gears, which drives the piston to go back and forth through connecting rod and crosshead; gear box is closed-type, and all moving parts are lubricated by splashed lubricant.


Mortar is sucked by suction valve and sent into air chamber through pump cylinder for discharging. Air chamber is installed with mortar relief valve and pressure safety device. When pressure of air chamber exceeds rated working pressure, it will cut main circuit through control circuit to stop the motor.


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Parameters of High pressure vertical grouting pump:

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The coupling halves should be connected. Prior to connection, however, the drive motor should be started to make sure of proper pump rotation. Do not start pump until all air and vapor has been bled. This ensures that there is liquid in the pump to provide the necessary lubrication. Without the fluid around it, the seal may be ruined in a few seconds of operation. It is normal for the mechanical seal to drip during the first few minutes to one hour of operation.PRESTARTING INSTRUCTION.