Hydraulic Grout Pump|New Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Grout Mortar Cement Pump

1 hydraulic double liquid injection pump 2 stable performance, long distance, no pulse grouting. 3 The use of high pressure to easily solidify the material or mixture (water, cement, water glass, etc.) to the rock or soil cracks and cavities for accurate injection, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing seepage, consolidation rock and soil. 4 intentions to innovation, competition can develop
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Hydraulic Grout Pump|New Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Grout Mortar Cement Pump

hydraulic grout pump is suitable for grouting plugging project of high pressure and large displacement.The pump transmits pressure signals by working medium(slurry and hydraulic oil) to form closed-loop automatic control function, therefore the grout pump is simple in structure, can regulate timely and accurately, and has no overpressure problem.The grout pump can adjust its output and working pressure by continuously variable adjustment, and has the function of automatic regulating output according to the pre-seted grouting final pressure.The grout pump can grout simple-liquid, dual-liquid and chemical grout.The grout pump is equipped dual-liquid regulator(patented).The technology originally comes from Japan, and is updated by us.Our grout pumps have new characteristics as follows:

1. New technical hydraulic system with smooth shift and reliable work.


2. Volume and weight are about the half of the original Japanese pump.


3. Equipped with large capacity hydraulic accumulator, no impact in shift.


4. Equipped with large size water cooler, can work continuously for a long time.


5. Operation and maintenance are simple.


6. The grout pump with ISO9001-2008 and CE certificate.

Dual liquid Cement Grouting pump.png

Three product parameters:

Maximum flow


greatest pressure


Motor Power


Water-cement ratio


Two-liquid ratio (agent: slurry)






grout pump applications:

dual slurry grout pump is a universal high pressure grouting pump, and is used for grouting in soil, earth foundation stabilization, waterproofing, tunnel lining, underwater foundations, bridge decks, deep well casing, slope line grouting, etc. 

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