Hydraulic Plunger Grouting Pump

Application of Hydraulic plunger grouting pump:
Hydraulic powered grout pump Widely used in coal mines, wells and underground waterproofing works, but also for tunnel excavation and maintenance, the construction of dams, large bridges, high-rise building foundation treatment and various types of underground works.
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Introduction of Hydraulic plunger grouting pump:

Hydraulic plunger grouting pump consists of motor, gear oil pump, relief valve, hydraulic valve block, cylinder, cylinder, mixer and fuel tank, radiator, oil filter, inlet and outlet valves and electric control box and other components. The motor directly drives the gear oil pump, the high-pressure oil output from the gear oil pump enters the hydraulic reversing valve block through the relief valve, the reciprocating movement is controlled by the hydraulic control valve block, because the cylinder and the cylinder are synchronized movement, The cylinder stroke is the same as the cylinder, so the cylinder displacement and pressure is basically similar to the cylinder, the cylinder at both ends of a set of suction valve and plucking valve, which can suck the same slurry, can also be sucked two different Of the slurry.

This grout station is a hydraulic plunger pump which pressure and flow can be adjusted by valve. High stability of grouting makes it is good for many grouting projects. Such as civil engineering-dam foundations, tunnels, mining, soil nails, teibacks, earth anchors, cable and rock bolts.

Structural-building and bridge restoration, foundation stabilization, foundation raising, soil compaction grouting. Soil & rock grouting. Construction-pavement under sealing. Slab jacking and slab raising. Marine-underwater foundatins. Piers, breakers, shoreline foundations. Mining-tunnel lining. Contact grouting. Shaft waterproofing. Utilities-encasements. Waterproofing, slope line grouting. Geotechnical-deep well casing. Monitor wells  well sealing and abandonment.

Our customer do the Dam projects in Jordan. We also supply grout recorder, packer, clinormeter as per his requirement.

hydraulic plunger cement pump

Parameters of Hydraulic cement grouting pump:


Hydraulic punger grouting pump

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Hydraulic plunger grouting pump