Pneumatic Chemical Injection Pump|Used In Grouting Solid Prevention Project

The pump can be used for single liquid grouting, double liquid grouting, and other kinds of slurry which can be used to transport other viscosity or corrosion resistance.
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Product Details

Pneumatic Chemical Injection Pump|Used in grouting solid prevention project

Product Description of Pneumatic Injector Pump:

Grout pump is also called pneumatic pump or concrete grouting machine.

2ZBQ series pneumatic grouting machine uses compressed air as power. small volume, light weight, won't overload. Can be safely used In inflammable, explosive, strong magnetic, radiation, dust, large temperature variation and pouring water place.

The pump is stepless adjustment quantity, also the constant pressure to be automatic variables, and has the slurry for 1:1 than the dual fluid grouting function.

Widely used in coal mine, iron ore and wall of the grouting engineering waterproof, reinforcement, and subway, tunnel, water conservancy, construction and other water grouting and broken rock strata, the grouting consolidation project.

grout pump/ pneumatic pump/ concrete grouting machines


Techinical parameters of pneumatic grouting pump:



Application of pneumatic grouting pump:

Pneumatic injection pump is mainly used in coal mine, iron ore and other wall waterproofing, grouting reinforcement engineering, subway, tunnel, water conservancy, construction and other water plugging and broken rock grouting consolidation project. Pneumatic chemical injection pump’s power is from compressed air as power.