Pneumatic Driven Injection Pump|Grouting For Tunnel, Mine And Mining Face

The pump can transport cement slurry water glass yellow water and oil corrosive chemical pulp.
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Pneumatic Driven Injection Pump|Grouting for tunnel, mine and mining face

Description of High pressure grouting pump:

Double fluid speed high-pressure grouting pump is coal mining working face in the grouting reinforcement of surrounding rock and water plugging, plugging water wall plugging water high pressure grouting special equipment, is also a kind of stable performance, durable high pressure oil pump and the coal wall high pressure injection pumps.2 TGZ - 60/210 type grouting pump five mine a long time of water plugging in domestic application prove that it has the following features: small volume, high grouting pressure, grouting pressure can change in 30 ~ 210 (kg/cm ~ 2), can meet the requirements of different water on the grouting pressure;Pump head all parts are threaded connection, simple structure and process faults;This flexible, convenient pump makes the grouting process is simple.

High-pressure Grouting Pumps are essential for mines, draft & tunnel constructions. These grout injection pumps offer high pressure with high flow capacity. They can be effectively used in places where may require expensive “frozen construction method” and also used to build a grouted underground shield to prevent water flow to mines. The 2TGZ series pumps can work with two different mortar/paste at the same time.

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Product parameters of High-pressure Grouting Pumps:

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Application of High-pressure Grouting Pumps:

It can be applied on groud treatment and stabilization of railway, highway, bridge, dam ,

industrial and civil buildings, also used in geological disaster control.