Pneumatic Injector Pump|Piston Grout Pump

Features of pnuematic injector pump:
1.The pump has advanced structure
2.high rated output pressure
3.large displacement, high efficiency, easy to move, convenient to use and maintain
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Description of Pneumatic injector pump:

The working principle of the single-chamber reciprocating pump is shown in Fig.

1. When the crank rotates counterclockwise at the angular velocity ω, the piston moves to the right, the volume of the cavity suddenly increases, the liquid pressure in the cavity decreases, and the suction valve opens under the external pressure. The discharge valve is closed, and the liquid to be conveyed enters the cavity under the pressure difference against the resistance loss of the suction pipe and the suction valve. When the crank rotates 180°, the piston moves to the left, and the liquid is squeezed. The fluid pressure in the body increases sharply. Under this pressure, the suction valve is closed and the discharge valve is closed. The liquid in the chamber is discharged to the discharge line under the pressure difference. When the crank rotates at an angular velocity ω, the reciprocating pump continuously draws in and discharges the liquid.

The Pneumatic injector pump is suitable for grouting and water blocking, filling voids and reinforcing broken rock layers in mines, tunnels, water conservancy, subways, buildings, bridges and other construction sites.

Pneumatic Injector Pump-05b.jpg Pneumatic Injector Pump-05cd.jpg

Parameter of Pneumatic injector pump:

Rated displacement20L/min
Present pressure5mpa
Number of sand cylinders2
Into the pulp pipe diameter32mm
Total weight90kg