Grouting Injection Pump

Grouting Injection Pump

good mechanical performance, no noise, no pollution.
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Grouting Injection Pump

Product introduction of High pressure grouting pump:

High pressure grouting pump, including pump seat, motor (1), gearbox (2), PLC controller (3), speed reducer (5), pump body (6), cylinder block (12) and piston (11), It is characterized in that the motor (1) is connected to the input shaft of the gearbox (2), and the output shaft of the gearbox (2) is connected to the input shaft of the speed reducer (5) via the coupling (4). The controller (3) is disposed on the gearbox (2). The output shaft of the gearbox (5) is connected to the transmission gear shaft in the pump body (6) through the coupling (4). The motor (1) The gearbox (2), the speed reducer (5) and the pump body (6) are fixed on the pump seat. The crankshaft connecting rod component is connected to the gear transmission crankshaft in the pump body (6), and the slider top of the assembly is connected A piston rod (7) is connected at the other end of the piston rod (7) with a piston (11) reciprocally movable within the cylinder (12), the piston (11) comprising a carrier plate, a piston ring, a pressure plate and a lock master The end of the piston rod (1) is sleeved with an annular bracket (13), and a ring-shaped blue leather (15) and polyurethane (16) are placed next to the bracket (13). The blue leather (15) Piston ring (14) is composed of polyurethane and (16), pressure plate (17) is externally pressed by blue leather (15), and lock master (18) is loosely screwed on piston rod (7) outside pressure plate (17) to prevent pressure plate from loosening (18). ), lock the mother (18) on the plug A pin shaft (19) for preventing loosening of the lock mother is fixed. The cylinder body (12) is fixed to the left end of the pump body (6). The upper ends of the cylinder body (12) are respectively provided with valve bodies (10). The valve body (10) is internally provided with a suction valve and a discharge valve, and a suction port (9) and a discharge port (8) are externally connected.

Parameters of Grout Injection Pump:

Model 2TGZ60/210

Stall 1234

Flow 16193660

Working pressure 21189.56

Motor 7.5kw

Voltage level 380/660V

Weight 1050kg

Size 1750x980x1200

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Grout Injection Pump features:

1. environmental protection: good mechanical performance, no noise, no pollution.

2. portable: small volume, light weight (7.5kg body body weight), easy to carry and easy to operate.

3. high efficiency: can reach 0---50Mpa working pressure in a few seconds, advanced technology, time saving, labor saving and high efficiency.

4. safety: reliable technology, reasonable structure and safe use.

5. pressure continues: continuous high pressure makes the agent effectively fill up the micro gap, micro seams, micropores and capillary in the concrete structure.

6. The structure is nondestructive: the grouting nozzle is directly installed to the concrete cracks, not grooves, no buried pipes, and the structure is nondestructive.

7. water plugging: leakage of various gaps, honeycomb leaks, underground water gushing, can directly bring water grouting to plug the leak. The slurry can be effectively injected into the depth of the crack.

8. supporting materials are wide range: polyurethane, epoxy resin, acrylic resin and other non granular low viscosity slurry materials can be used.

9. functions: one machine multi-purpose, plugging grouting, consolidation grouting, crack reinforcement grouting.

10. durable: the fuselage parts are not deformed when high pressure 50Mpa. Simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, sturdy and durable, convenient cleaning.