4KW Electric Concrete Hand Scabbler

1, the product using double grinding head technology, smooth action, vibration power light.
2 chisel hair from the high-quality hardness of the alloy, the impact of large, long life.
3 simple operation, high efficiency, easy to use.
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Introduction of 4KW electric concrete hand scabbler:

Floor Grinding & Polishing Machine is a tool that handles the surface of the main body that has been completed so that the construction surface of the two construction stages is similar to the tool of 'chopping ax'. Usually cutting hair machine is used in the present Rao concrete structure, in the cast plate Raojiao finished, to chisel hair, the next layer of pouring, so that the concrete bond firmly. So "cutting hair machine" is also generally known as "concrete cutting hair machine."

multi-headed concrete floor scabbler operates with 7x less vibration than standard models. This tool utilizes a 3-point mechanical vibration damping system to offset the hammer vibration created when the head impacts the workpiece.

Multi-Headed Concrete Floor Scabbler is a portable, compact, low-vibration machine 

Bush Hammer Heads are ideal for laitance removal; roughing concrete for resurfacing; bridge deck preparation for waterproofing.

Cruciform Cutter Heads are ideal for leveling floors, reducing concrete; removal of floor paints and coatings. Call for details on complete MHS 11 with Cruciform Heads.

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Parameters of electric concrete hand scabbler:

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