Concrete Floor Grinder|polisher|diamond Heads

1.Easy Operation
2.Better Stability
3.Ideal for small large productivity
4.With Inverter, variable speed
5.Built-in water tank,  work in wet/dry condition
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Product Details

Concrete floor grinder|polisher|diamond heads

This Floor Grinder is a specialized type of powered equipment, designed for a specific job function and

requires adequate and thorough instruction before it is operated. The size, power, complexity and 

operating characteristics of this type of powered equipment would dictate that each operator must receive

 adequate,professional instruction regarding the proper operation of this Floor Grinder before being 

allowed to utilize it.

concrete floor grinder-02a.jpg   concrete floor grinder polisher-03a.jpg


Start and operate a Floor Grinder or a vacuum system that is powered by a gasoline engine only

in a well ventilated area. Carbon Monoxide fumes given off by an engine are poisonous. Breathing

these fumes can result in property damage and or personal injury. operate the Floor Grinder only

when/where visibility and light are adequate for the job at hand. Work carefully. Always hold the 

operatorhandle firmly with both hands. Wrap your fingers around the handle, keeping it cradled between 

your thumbs and fingers. Always make sure the operator handle is in good condition and free of moisture, 

pitch,oil or grease. Wear gloves to improve your grip. Neverleave the Floor Grinder running unattended.

Parameter of Floor Grinder

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