Concrete Floor Grinding Machine|A Dust Grinding Machine Used for Concrete Floors

1 2500 square meters / 8 hours
2 with a light, flexible, high efficiency.
3 with a vacuum function, environmentally friendly and practical.
4 to talent as a fundamental, market-oriented, quality assurance, to serve for the purpose
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Product Details

Concrete floor grinding machine|A dust grinding machine used for concrete floors

Product description:

Epoxy concrete floor grinder is a silent dust, polished ground grinding machine, free replacement chassis for all types of concrete surface grinding and finishing wool processing imported motor, simple operation, light, can achieve a variety of epoxy floor leveling The

Products use:

Applicable edco concrete grinder 10 to the restoration of the new ground flatness, the surface of the hair, the old ground, such as thin coated epoxy, glue, paint removal. Epoxy mortar layer of grinding and leveling. Coupled with special disc can also do the ground renovation and polishing, the real one concrete floor grinding machine, is to do the ideal floor equipment engineering equipment.

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Product parameters:



main motor power


Vacuum motor power


Processing area


Grinding head

3 Film / pay

Work efficiency

2500 Square / 8 hours



Equipment and maintenance

Concrete floor grinder /If the belt is not loose, the motor will turn, but the chassis does not turn, there may be a pulley loose, please open the cover (if the belt is not loose, if the belt is not loose, Plate re-install the pulley, the concrete floor grinding machine /if there is vibration, please check the chassis rubber anti-vibration pad is off or rupture, if the fall please add the pad not to be fastened, if broken, please replace. Underneath the bottom of the chassis there is a corner without the installation of abrasive will produce an imbalance, the occurrence of vibration, please replace the abrasive. In the course of the use of grinding stone with a tight screw, so as not to work to fly out of the chassis, please pay attention to safety.

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