Concrete Floor Grinding Machine|grinder Or Polisher

1.Compact structure, pretty heavy weight, 24000 frequency per minute.
2.Various of applications, such as, railway, tunnel, dam, vulvert, concrete scabbler construction.
3.Various of models available, hand held, hand guided, hand push type for reference.
4.That will not cause destruction to the original surface, and good damping structure can guarantee the long life usage.
5.The head of the concrete scabbler was made of excellent quality hilgh hardness alloy, with greater impact, longer life period.
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Description of concrete floor grinder or polisher

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Operating of concrete floor grinder

 1. Make sure the diamond tooling is suitable for the material being ground and that the tooling is correctly balanced. 

 2. Ensure that the grinding plates are in good condition and properly mounted. Never use damaged tooling. 

 3. All countersunk bolts must be tightened to specifications and firmly in place. Take periodic breaks to ensure that bolts are properly tightened, as they can loosen during operation. 

 4. Check that the grinding plate is adjusted so that it sits level on the work surface (use the bubble-level on the machine as a reference). 

 5. Check that all nuts and bolts on the folding handle latch are tight and secure. 

 6. Raise the grinding plates from the floor. 

 7. Start the motor by pressing the black switch on the starter box. 8. Lower the grinding plate and begin grinding. Keep the grinding head moving side to side on the work surface to create an evenly ground surface until the desired results are reached.

Parameters of concrete floor grinder

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