Concrete Floor Scabbler|Hand Driven Pneumatic Chisel Used for Concrete Bridge Pavement

1 high-frequency pneumatic motor, full of power.
2 flexible operation, high efficiency.
3 According to the concrete specifications adaptability.
4 to ensure quality first, enhance the competitive advantage.
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Product Details

concrete floor scabbler|Hand driven pneumatic chisel used for concrete bridge pavement

Product description:

The concrete floor scabbler chisel is a tool that handles the surface of the main body that has been completed so that the construction surface of the two construction stages is similar to the tool of 'chopping ax'. Usually cutting hair machine is used in the present Rao concrete structure, in the cast plate Raojiao finished, to chisel hair, the next layer of pouring, so that the concrete bond firmly. So "cutting hair machine" is also generally known as "concrete cutting hair machine."

Products use:

Concrete floor scabbling for the highway bridge, airports, bridges, parking lots and other concrete floor of the new pavement on the ground surface of the concrete floating slurry removal, to achieve uniform and rough design. The machine is also widely used in a variety of old ground to do before the renovation of the floor to remove the damaged parts of the ground scabbling concrete floor, epoxy, do anti-slip surface, do a new layer of hair, fully reflect the low cost and efficient application value The At the same time for the reservoir, dam leakage, dangerous bridge bridge reinforcement, power plants, highways, high-speed railway, tunnel letters and other building reinforcement, and its wide range of applications.

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Product parameters:

machine type








Working width




B.P.M The number of hammers per minute




Air consumption




The noise level is decibel




Vibration Level Mean Equivalent

4.96 Square meter per second

4.96 Square meter per second

4.96 Square meter per second

Air compressor matching requirements

Pressure of 5 kg / cm,Displacement of 0.8 cubic meters / min

Pressure of 5 kg / cm,Displacement of 0.8 cubic meters / min

Pressure of 5 kg / cm,Displacement of 1.0 cubic meters / min

Speak concrete mark concrete mark

Work efficiency

Work efficiency

Work efficiency

C50 concrete

25-30 square meters / hour @ 1-3 mm

40-50 square meters per hour @ 1-3 millimeters

50-60 square meters per hour @ 1-3 millimeters

C40 concrete

32-37 square meters per hour @ 1-3 millimeters

50-60 square meters per hour @ 1-3 millimeters

60-70 square meters per hour @ 1-3 millimeters

C30 concrete

40-45square meters / sales @ 1-3 mm

60-70 square meters per hour @ 1-3 millimeters

70-80 square meters per hour @ 1-3 millimeters

Concrete floor scabbler development

The traditional method of cutting the hair of the machine: the use of a sharp strike tool in the concrete surface of the piston to fight, so that the old and new concrete bonded firmly. However, the traditional method of cutting hair has a variety of drawbacks, such as inefficient, mechanical oscillation caused by acoustic transmission, injury was chiseled body and thus affected by the chisel body life.

At present, for a small area of chisel hair (local chisel hair, facade chisel hair, side chisel hair, the top chisel hair), you can use hand-held small hair cutting machine, the effect is good, and will not cause the original structure damage.

Because now a lot of chiseled machinery products will not only undermine the protective layer of scabbling concrete floor, but also the destruction of the original structure and even catastrophic destruction, so now in many projects, especially the bridge, tunnel concrete chisel broken , Many large-scale mechanical scissors have been banned. The most widely used and safe is the "lossless chisel" of high pressure water jets.

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1. Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are original equipment manufacturer.

2. Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: It is according to the model and quantity.

Generally it is 3-5 days if the machines are in stock.

It will be 15-30 days if you want to customize the machines.

3. Q: Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?

A: Yes, we could offer you the sample machine.

But it's not free. You need to pay for the sample and the cost of freight.

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A: We accept T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Alibaba Escrow etc.

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