ZTMS-11A Concrete Floor Scabbling

Features for Concrete floor scabbling:
1 models small, flexible operation,
2 life is more than 3000m2
3 per hour hammering area by different concrete strength up to 30-100 square meters.
4 to ensure quality first, enhance the competitive advantage
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Product Details

Product Description of Concrete Floor Scabbling:

1.scabbler for floor prepairing 

2.high efficiency ,easy to carry and use 

3.light and portable

4.High quality hardness alloy head.

5.Good shock structure, comfortable to operate.

concrete scabbler machines.jpg

Product parameters of Concrete Floor Scabbling:

Concrete floor scabbling.png

Application of Concrete Floor Scabbling:

1.It is used to remove cement tower and floor coat of concrete road and bridge with high hardness allowy bush hammer.

2.It not only improves the work efficiency and quality and make the face to achieve uniform     roughness,to remove surface laaitance strong pavement concrete after binding.

3.It is made of quality hardness alloy bush hammer, strong impact, and long life.

4.Concrete floor scabbler is good shock structure, comfortable to operate reasonable design structure,easy to change bush hammers. 

Recommended lubricants Oil the tool daily before use. Put a liberal quantity of one of the following air tool lubricants through the air inlet. SHELL Naturelle HF CASTROL Carelube HTG 22

Dismantling After ensuring that the air supply is turned off, remove the tool from the airline. Thoroughly clean the outside of the tool prior to dismantling.