Concrete Scabbler Machines|A Variety Of Models, Professional Manufacturers

Because of the particularity of all kinds of projects, hand held and hand driven chisel machines play an irreplaceable role in all fields of engineering, When we construct, we can choose the suitable type of wool drill according to the actual situation of our own.
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Concrete Scabbler Machines|A variety of models, professional manufacturers

Description of concrete floor scabbling:

Push-type common ground spike hammer

5 headed floor scabbler is designed mainly for removing the floating concrete slurry of bridge decks of highway

and high-speed railway, airport, bridge, parking area and so on.

It could achieve uniformity of roughness.

It is also a specialized roughening tool with high efficiency for the pre-renovation

treatment of ground surface of all kinds of old grounds,removal of swell of damaged

ground,roughening of epoxy floor,making slip-resistant ground surface,and roughening

of old and new surface layers for secondary laying.

Parameter of concrete floor scabbling:

Concrete scabbler machine001 

Application of concrete floor scabbler:

1. It is used to remove cement tower and floor coat of concrete road and bridge with high hardness allowy bush hammer.

2.It not only improves the work efficiency and quality and make the face to achieve uniform roughness, to remove surface laitance strong pavement concrete after binding.

3.It is made of quality hardness alloy bush hammer, strong impact, and long life.

4.Scabbling concrete floor is good shock structure, comfortable to operate reasonable design structure,easy to change bush hammers.