Concrete Scarifier Handheld Manufacturer

• Versatility: Can run dozens of hydraulic tools
• Portability: Can be carried in a truck bed or van
• Easy to move
• Cost effective, Durability and easy to maintain
• Internal components are bathed in hydraulic oil, keeping them lubricated and reducing maintenance
• No gas from tool exhaust: The power pack can put far from tools.

Product Details

Description of concrete scarifier handheld

It is widely used  in Municipal administration of Road highway maintenance, Emergency repair of underground pipe network, Emergency rescue, Water logging and drainage, Rail trafficDemolition recycling, Underwater operation, Fire fighting, Flood rescue, Earthquake rescue, Army troops and so on,

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Engine TypeGasolineDieselMotor
Milling Depth3-5mm3-7mm3-5mm
Number Of Blades108  pieces
Blade  Of  Number8 teeth
Number Of Blade Shaft6Pcs
Working Efficiency46-70Square  meter
Working Width250mm

Main Application:

  • Milling and crushing the pavement in a large area and recycle the old materials so as to resurface the new materials and make the pavement repaired.

  • Milling partially damaged pavement to make it a regular square groove so as to make the joints neat and beautiful after repairing.

  • Milling and smoothing common diseases such as backpack, oil wave and rut to improve the smoothness and traffic capacity of pavement.

  • This machine performs a rough operation to the road with low friction in order to obtain a certain roughness of the road surface.

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