Electric Concrete Scabbler|Hand Propelled Electric High Frequency Chisel for Surface of Concrete Bridge

1, the product using double grinding head technology, smooth action, vibration power light.
2 chisel hair from the high-quality hardness of the alloy, the impact of large, long life.
3 simple operation, high efficiency, easy to use.
4 product quality is the cornerstone of the market, is to win the trust of users the key.
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Product Details

Electric concrete scabbler|Hand propelled electric high frequency chisel for surface of concrete bridge

Product description:

The electric concrete scabbler is a kind of tool which has been completed by treating the main body surface which has been completed so that the construction surface of the two construction stages is firm and similar to the "chopping ax". Usually thetrelawny scabbler  is used in the cast-in-place concrete structure, after pouring in the cast-in-place plate, it is necessary to chisel the next layer of pouring, so that the concrete bond firmly.

Products use:

The electric concrete scabbler is mainly for the highway, railway bridge deck, airport, parking lot and other concrete floor, the new pavement when the surface of the chisel hair, so that the surface to achieve uniform effect, and applies to the Kind of old ground renovation, remove the damaged parts of the ground.

electric concrete scabbler ZHONGTUO.pngtrelawny scabbler ZHONGTUO.png

Product parameters:

Motor power


Chisel speed


Working width


Working depth




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