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1. Total aluminum alloy gear box for a longer life.
2.The removable diamond tool set is easy to access and replace.
3.The folding handle makes the machine compact and easy to transport
4.Height-adjustable grinding heads make tool replacement easy
5.For residential and small commercial working 

Product Details

Description of electric concrete scabbler:

The electric concrete scabbler is a tool similar to the "axe" that treats the finished main structural surface to make the construction surface of the two construction stages firmly bonded. Generally, the chiseling machine is applied in the cast-in-place concrete structure. After the cast-in-place plate is poured, the wool is to be chiseled and the next layer is poured to make the concrete bond firmly. Therefore, "the chiseling machine" is also commonly known as the "concrete chiseling machine".

electric concrete scabbler-05rs   electric concrete scabbler-05rt

Parameters of electric concrete scabbler:

electric concrete scabbler-05rv

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