Hand-held Floor Scabbler|Pneumatic|multi-heads

Hand-held Floor Scabbler|Pneumatic|multi-heads

Description of Hand-held floor scabbler : Parameters of Hand-held floor scabbler : Operating instruction of Hand-held floor scabbler : Air Supply The compressed air must be free from water and dirt. The installation of a filter/regulator/lubricator air preparation set (with moisture trap)...
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Description of Hand-held floor scabbler:

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Parameters of Hand-held floor scabbler:

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Operating instruction of Hand-held floor scabbler:

prior to operating the tool check:

That all fittings are secure,free from leaks and air hoses are in good condition.

That the  air pressure is correct for this tool 6.2bar(90p.s.i.).put a few drops of  recommended lubricant into the sir inlet of the tool.

To operate the tool, which is dependant on the type of lever fitted, for those fitted with a safety lever, first push thumb button forwards and then for both syles of lever, pull the lever towards the handle grip to start the tool, then apply the cutter heads to the surface being prepared.

To switch off, simply release the throttle lever.

Care must be taken to avoid damaging or tripping over the air hose. Maintain contact with the work surface with sufficient pressure only to keep the tool from bouncing off. Excessive pressure can prevent the tool from working to its full capacity. Handled correctly the scaler will work quickly and efficiently.

Excessive operator pressure will not improve the tool efficiency but will cause premature tool failure and operator fatigue.

Never allow the tool to run continuously whilst not in contact with the surface being prepared.