High Speeding Polisher Concrete Grinding Machine

High Speeding Polisher Concrete Grinding Machine

Feature: 1.Automatic overheat power protection. 2.Aluminum alloy gearbox with a working width of 850MM 3.Dust free grinding

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Description of concrete grinding machine:

The general floor grinding machine manufacturer is only responsible for the production of floor grinding machines, and has no professional ability to grind. Even if the price can be quoted to customers, it is generally outsourced, and there are management costs in the middle, so the customer is When choosing a civil engineering manufacturer, it is best to choose a professional system of concrete grinding system service providers, so as to ensure safety and quality and guarantee a favorable price.)

concrete grinding machine-zt760

concrete grinding machine-gear_ABC看图

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Specification of Concrete grinding machine

concrete grinding machine-00003

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