Portable Floor Scabbler|Pneumatic|multi-heads

Portable Floor Scabbler|Pneumatic|multi-heads

Description of Hand-held floor scabbler : Parameters of Hand-held floor scabbler : Operating instruction of Hand-held floor scabbler : Air Supply The compressed air must be free from water and dirt. The installation of a filter/regulator/lubricator air preparation set (with moisture trap)...
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Description of Hand-held floor scabbler:

    hand-held floor scabbler-01a   Hand-held floor scabbler-02a

Parameters of Hand-held floor scabbler:

Hand-held floor scabbler-03a

Operating tips of Hand-held floor scabbler:

Risk of Hand-arm Vibration injury

These tools may cause Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome injury if their use is not adequately managed. 

We advise you to carry out a risk assessment and to implement measures such as; limiting exposure time [i.e. actual trigger time, not total time at work], job rotation, ensuring the tools are used correctly, ensuring the tools are maintained according to our recommendations, and ensuring that the operators wear personal protective equipment [PPE] particularly gloves and clothing to keep them warm and dry. 

Employers should consider setting up a programme of health surveillance to establish a benchmark for each operator and to detect any early symptoms of vibration injury. 

We are not aware of any PPE that provides protection against vibration injury by attenuating vibration emissions. See ‘Specifications’ section for vibration emission data. 

Further advice is available from our Technical Department. 

Recommended lubricants 

Oil the tool daily before use. 

Put a few drops of one of the following zinc free air tool lubricants through the air inlet.

SHELL S22 or R10 CASTROL Hyspin ZZ32 

Cleaning At intervals of no more than 40 hours o r i f o p e r a t i o n b e c o m e s unproductive and the piston shows signs of sticking, dismantle and clean with a highly refined paraffin. Immediately after cleaning, thoroughly oil the tool with one of the recommended lubricants.