Riding Trowel Machine|Concrete floor grinding

Riding Trowel Machine|Concrete floor grinding

Riding Trowel Machine is equipped with two walking wheels to facilitate you to move in the short distance, the grinding machine net weight 330Kg, so heavy machine we can not help a person moving the case of moving the machine, just push the trolley can move The effort. The machine has a double disc, two blades, the construction is significantly higher than other power trowel machine. Can be installed two discs for pulp, stable operation.
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Description of riding trowel machine:

whiteman power trowel for the size of the construction site, widely used in cement pavement pulp, smooth, trowel. Can also be used for plant, warehouse, square road maintenance, concrete surface construction.

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parameters of riding trowel machine:

Mode of operationdrivingfuel tank capcity20L
Working width75inlubricant quantity1.8L
Working speed0-135rpmfuel consumption313g/kwh
Number of spatula8total length1940mm
Spatula size350*150mmtotal width990mm
Fixed pitch4.75inin total height1050mm
Typegasoline engine,air-cooled 4-stroke
working weight300kg
maximum working weight380kg

0perating steps:

1. If the user is not going to stop the car, please need to be too small - when the engine is rumning,the short stop should be separated from the clutch.

2. 'hen the slope is parked: the wiping machine is placed on the slope and the wedge should be inser tedunder the front and rear wheels.

3. Should ensure that the location of the wiping machine does not cause traffic accidents

4. Trowming machine drag and drop is generally not more than 200m

5. The whiteman power trowel should be carried out when the static hydraulic device is located in thedisengaged state, grinding machine, that is, in the static pressure dewice below the small button intothe pump body, gasoline car Riding Trowel Machine, and drag the speed should not Higher than 3km f h.Second appr opr iate manipulation hether it is uphill or downhill rolling cons truction fence production, trowel drive wheel should be inthe back. This has the f ollowing benefits: Uphill, the airport cement road grinder, behind the drivewheel can wi thstand the ramps and the machine itself to prowide the driving force, while the front wheel on the road for the initial compaction to bear the drive wheel produced 0f the larger shearforce; dowmhill when the impact of the self- -weight of the tarpaulin is driven by the brake wheel tooffset, only by the front wheel after the mixture is supported after the drive wheel to produce shearThe ability of power.