WC-200G Electric Concrete Scarifier|5.5KW|scarifing Depth3mm-5mm

Additional applications of Electric Concrete Scarifier:
Keyed or grooved profiles
Roughing concrete
Features of Electric Concrete Scarifier:
Depth control maximizes performance and extends cutter life
Integrated vacuum connection and hold-to-run handle
Fully adjustable handlebar for operator comfort
Electric, pneumatic or gas power
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Product Details

Description of WC-200G Electric concrete scarifier

Concrete Scarifiers tackle the most demanding surface preparation and material removal applications. Ideal for the removal of coatings and corrosion from steel and concrete surfaces to prepare for re-coating. Produce an ideal keyed or grooved profile on concrete for waterproofing and non-slip surface applications.


Wire Brushes are ideal for finish cleaning and polishing on steel; can be used for light concrete deposit.
Beam Cutters are ideal for light paint/corrosion removal, with minimal damage to substrate.
Star Cutters are ideal for the removal of mastics and rubberized coatings.
Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) Cutters are ideal for aggressive applications such as roughing concrete and heavy corrosion removal, as well as grooving roadways for non-slip surface.
Milling Cutters are ideal for the removal of plastic road markings without penetrating the surface


Parameters of WC-200G Electric concrete scarifier:

Technical project


model WC-255G

Power configuration

Three-phase asynchronous motor / 5.5KW (CW200D)

Honda GX270 Gasoline Engine / 13HP (WC200F)

Three-phase asynchronous motor / 7.5KW (CW255D)

Honda GX270 Gasoline Engine / 13HP (WC255F)

Number of knife shafts

6 root

6 root

Number of blades

78 pieces (6 teeth)

108 pieces (6 teeth)

Bearing seal form

Sealed (maintenance-free)

Sealed (maintenance-free)

A milling width



A milling depth






Long × wide × high



Hourly work efficiency

150 square

170 square

Walking wheel

4 only

4 only

Air damping tube

2 only





concrete scarifier

concrete scarifier

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concrete scarifier

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