Wholesale Concrete Floor Grinding Machine|used For Concrete Floors

Wholesale Concrete Floor Grinding Machine|used For Concrete Floors

It can effectively Polish concrete surface and epoxy mortar layer and old epoxy floor.
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Wholesale concrete floor grinding machine|used for concrete floors

Concrete floor grinder is mainly used for a wide range of surface roughness, surface Damao, old ground removal such as thin epoxy glue, paint. Fine grinding and leveling of epoxy mortar layer. The quality of the epoxy floor is very related to the treatment of the base surface, but the treatment of the base surface is also inseparable from the professional epoxy floor machinery -- 380 edco concrete grinder 10.

Diamond floor grinder

1. the operation of the machine is stable and reliable, labor saving and labor saving, and will not destroy the quality of the project.

2. the dust removal device is designed, which can be connected with industrial vacuum cleaner for dust free operation.

3. the fuselage provides a special vacuum cleaner outlet to avoid the trouble of requiring 2 cables during the operation. It is convenient, simple and safer.

4. overload electrical protection, circuit breakers effectively prevent the motor from overheating and cause damage. The grinding machine using the 380V power supply provides you with a long and long time grinding operation without worry.

5. to avoid the hard contact between the grinding disc and the ground, completely solved the small and uneven contact area of the grinding disc, the grinding disc and the ground. The service life of the grinding disc is longer and the grinding area is greater. (Note: This article is only for special grinding disc)

6.The operation is simple and comfortable, the labor intensity is low, and the labor force expenditure is greatly reduced.

7. provide rough, medium and fine three kinds of diamond grinding disc, the user can select the ground according to the different base. It is also possible to choose a cheaper combination mill with lower cost.

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Product description and application of concrete floor grinder polisher:

380B medium heavy concrete floor grinding machine is mainly used for lapping in large or medium range ground. It can effectively Polish concrete surface and epoxy mortar layer and old epoxy floor.

Floor area: for concrete ground base treatment, which can effectively eliminate the surface attachment, ground leveling, picking, removing the old epoxy coating. Luqiao waterproofing field: the leveling and hair beating of the base course before the coating will not hurt the foundation structure, which is fully applicable to the treatment of the high strength concrete base surface. It has the characteristics of light, flexible, high efficiency and high efficiency.

The power supply line with vacuum cleaner can be directly connected to the lapping machine and the power supply line of the vacuum cleaner can avoid the trouble of 2 power lines when working. With special grinding disc, it can also be used for surface renovation and polishing. The real machine is multi-purpose, and it is an ideal device for floor engineering.