Wholesale Hand Held Scabbler

Wholesale Hand Held Scabbler

The machine is small and the body is light, and every scabbler head has 2400 times of chisel frequency.
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Wholesale hand held scabbler

Product introduction of hand held scabbler:

A scabbler is a tool that handles the completed main body structure to make the construction surfaces of the two construction stages bond firmly to the "chopper". Usually, the scabbler is applied in cast-in-place concrete structure. After cast-in-place slab is poured, it needs to scabbler and carry out the next layer of pouring, which improves the bonding strength of concrete.

Scope of use scabbler:

1. The surface of the bridge surface is waterproof and chisel.

2, cleaning, clearing the airport road marking, the brake tracks of the tires of the runway, and so on, re obtaining the rough surface with high friction coefficient.

3, high speed railway box beam (precast beam) beam surface waterproof treatment chisel.

4, the road micro table construction, the original old pavement surface layer chisel to clean, for slurry seal preparation.

5, remove ground coating, paint, all kinds of traffic marking.

6. Surface treatment of cement asphalt pavement, expressway bridge deck, bridge dislocation, epoxy resin wear-resistant ground and so on.

7, the concrete triple head hand scabbler of the bridge side, the end of the bridge, the side of the bridge and the end of the bridge.

The hand push is suitable for a wide range of pavement chisel. The customer should pay attention to this when choosing, and it takes time and effort to choose the wrong one.

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Triple head scabbler performance characteristics:

The machine is small and the body is light, and every scabbler head has 2400 times of chisel frequency. The area of the chisel per hour can be completed by about 3-10 square meters according to the requirements of different concrete strength and chisel, and at the same time, the damage to the foundation will be reduced. The power of the machine is operated by an air compressor with 0.7m3/5 kilogram pressure. The head is high quality tungsten alloy chisel chisel head, strong hardness, high quality.

The use of Scabbler - Single Head should be paid attention to:

1, from the mound slope pit from the top edge of the distance not less than the depth of the pit, and should be abandoned in the lower reaches of the designated place, no blockage of the river, the impact of flood.

2, the foundation pit drainage should take measures to protect the environment from pollution.

3, the construction waste water must be precipitated first, and then discharged into the domestic sewage pipe, or reclaimed and utilized to prevent the polluted water.

4, we should pay attention to the environmental impact of the dust produced by concrete production and cement transportation. The materials used for concrete, especially admixtures, should meet the requirements of environmental protection.

5, concrete transportation and pumping process, no excess spilled, and a small amount of concrete should be rational use.

6. During the construction of concrete, measures such as noise reduction and noise reduction should be taken. The construction time should be as long as possible with the rest of the rest of the residents.