China Granite Rock Splitter Manufacturers|used To Split Rocks Of Various Types

China Granite Rock Splitter Manufacturers|used To Split Rocks Of Various Types

1 split process without vibration, no impact, no noise, no dust, split within a few seconds to complete.
2 single machine maximum split force up to 480 tons, high efficiency, can control the split, demolition, split size accuracy.
3 light weight, simple operation, easy maintenance can be carried out in indoor and narrow space can be used for underwater construction.
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Product Details

China granite rock splitter manufacturers|used to split rocks of various types

Description of hydraulic concrete splitter:

Hydraulic concrete splitter is a machine which is used in mining work of construction stones, the secondary breaking of large rocks and the partial or integral removing concrete facilities. It can split the objects into many pieces in the natural cleft surface.
Advantages of rock drill splitter: 
Granite rock splitter is one of the efficient, safest and easiest ways of mining, dimensional stone quarrying, demolition & removing mass and reinforced concrete.

New model no splitter standard configuration is 3 aluminum cylinder with centre wedge and one counter wedge for each, and plus diesel motor engine, pump station, and high pressure hose etc.


Product parameters of hydraulic rock splitter :


 Drilling diameter(mm)

Drilling depth(mm)

 Theoretical split(t)


Stand-alone weight (kg) 























































   granite rock splitter2.jpg  hydraulic rock splitter (2).jpg

Products use of hydraulic rock splitters:

First, the reinforced concrete foundation / structure of the demolition and local transformation

Splitting machine is widely used in a variety of reinforced concrete foundation (such as steel stove, all kinds of heavy equipment, tower crane, dam, hydropower station hydraulic bridge, etc.) demolition and local transformation;

Second, the removal of reinforced concrete floor / wall hydraulic concrete splitter is particularly suitable for the impact, vibration requirements of the strict control of the ground / wall demolition and transformation (such as airport runways, ancient buildings, highways, bridges, etc.);

Third, the indoor or narrow space concrete structure removed

Splitting machine light weight, small size, easy to operate, especially for indoor or narrow space in the demolition operations (such as subway, plant / building, tunnel, etc.).

Fourth, the quarry mining scouting machine has been widely used in marble, granite, sandstone and other valuable quarry of the mining. Compared with blasting or other artificial methods, hydraulic rock splitter with safety, environmental protection, high yield, low cost of mining advantages.