China Piston Rock Splitter Manufacturers|used For Large Pore Size High Tonnage Split

China Piston Rock Splitter Manufacturers|used For Large Pore Size High Tonnage Split

1 hydraulic split tonnage up to 1200 tons -2100 tons.
2 can basically replace the traditional explosive blasting construction, construction costs are low.
3 no vibration, no stone splash phenomenon, safety and environmental protection.
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Product Details

China piston rock splitter manufacturers|used for large pore size high tonnage split

Product description of piston rock splitter tool:

The piston rock splitter is mainly composed of two parts: high hydraulic pump station and split rod. 140-180MP The output of the ultrahigh pressure oil pump station acts on the wall of the split body, and the rock is split in the predetermined direction at (1600t).

Application of piston rock splitter hydraulic :

hydraulic piston powered rock splitter. Applied for first cut for rock demolition, concrete breaking, and quarrying, building cracking like

road, bridge, foundation. Good for removing rocks out of foundation of buildings, trenching sites,

or small tunnel sites. The splitters are operated by a man worker. Each splitter weighs not more

than 30 kgs usually. Good for removing rocks out of foundation of buildings, trenching sites, or

small tunnel sites. Performs very well on hard rocks where wedge type rock splitters take long

hours to drill and split.

piston rock splitterPiston rock separation equipment for large pore size high tonnage split.png

Advantages of piston rock splitter machine:  

Compared with Hand held Hydra Splitter, piston rock splitter only requires 800-1000mm in depth for over-size breaking capacity. Soft rocks are fractured with hole spacing of 50-100 cm.Very efficient in rock demolition comparing with any existing soundless rock breaking methods.

Piston rock splitter in use Note:

1 to the station to add anti-wear hydraulic oil, to be filled. There are cursors under the hydraulic station, with reference to the cursor.

2 need to take a good three-phase four-wire 380v. The motor needs to be transmitted in a clockwise direction.

3 will be high-pressure tubing and splitting rod connected to the tubing color can be divided into blue, black, blue tube high pressure, black tube low pressure.

4 drilling rig, 90 holes, the depth of the shallow 1 meter 2. Can not be shallow

4 bar distance 50, and the distance from the surface 50. This is for the granite mining standards. According to rock and rock. Working time is short, that is, the piston from the cylinder out of the time. In 1 minute before the split rock can achieve the obvious effect. First, thepiston rock splitter equipment rod into the 90 hole, be sure to ensure that all the piston into. Start the power, turn the manual valve to the blue tubing, began to enter the oil, the piston began to protrude, in the hole to the direction of the temporary direction of the thrust, the rock surface will appear split lines. Hydraulic oil table shows the hydraulic pressure to 120mp, the hydraulic station to stop working, in the holding state, which means that work to complete. As long as the manual valve black tubing, piston contraction, artificial proposed. Repeat, easy to operate, easy to learn.