China Ultra Large Rock Splitter Manufacturers

China Ultra Large Rock Splitter Manufacturers

Must be used together with excavators, excavators specifications are more than 90mm, less than 90mm can not be used
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China Ultra Large Rock Splitter Manufacturers

Structure of Ultra Large Rock Splitter

The structure of the splitting machine is mainly composed of hydraulic station, oil pipe, split gun, and so on. According to the type of power station can be divided into: electric, diesel, gasoline, pneumatic motor four. According to the split gun material can be divided into: steel split gun and aluminum alloy split gun two kinds. It can also be classified according to the magnitude of the split gun power.

The working principle of ultra-large rock splitters:

The pressure oil from the hydraulic station supply 60Mpa to split the gun, splitting gun can produce dozens of tons of F thrust, push to the side expansion wedge, P expansion up to hundreds of tons, so that the object from the internal cleavage and leave us with granite mining as an example to explain the use of the process of splitting machine.

First, we first look at the explosive blasting process:

In the stone face to be mined, every 0.5 meters from the distance to hit a hole, and then placed explosives blasting, so that stone from the mountain separation.

To play in porous rock Xu vertical and horizontal directions, such as the exploitation of a long 10 meters wide and 6 meters high 6 meters of stone, to play 40 holes of the cumulative length of 310 meters. After blasting, the stone is often broken into many pieces, making the utilization ratio of stone less than 30%. The blasting mining stone is a great waste of time and labor waste, also caused the resources.

Such as the use of splitting machine mining, as long as the mining of stone surface to open a number of holes and a number of slots, and then split the stone with a splitting machine. Like mining 10 meters long, 6 meters wide, 6 meters high stone, only need to hit 10 holes, the cumulative length of 60 meters. Then, a slot with a depth of 150 mm and 5 mm is opened between the two holes with a saw blade, and the cumulative length is about 25 meters. Splitting the rock with a split gun into the hole. The stone is split from the mountain as a whole, and the flatness error is within a few centimeters. Compared with the method of explosive blasting, the splitting machine is obviously economic and efficient quarrying method.

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Characteristics of ultra wedge rock Splitter:

1. security

The controllability of the splitting machine in the static hydraulic environment will not be as dangerous as the blasting machine and other impact demolition and drilling equipment, and no complicated safety measures should be taken.

2. environmental protection

When the split machine works, no vibration, impact, noise, dust, flying debris and so on. The surrounding environment will not be affected, even in densely populated areas or indoors, as well as precision equipment, can work without interference.

3. economy

The splitting machine can complete the splitting process in a few seconds, and can work continuously and without interruption. The efficiency is high, the operation and maintenance cost is very low, and no isolation or other time-consuming and expensive Anren measures are needed as the blasting operation.

4. accuracy

Unlike most traditional methods and equipment dismantling, splitting machines can pre determine the precise direction of division, division shape and the need for the section size, high precision division.

5. applicability

The humanized design and durability structure design of the split machine ensure its easy use, easy operation, long service life, easy operation and convenient operation for splitting machine and hydraulic pump station.