Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine Used Steel And Concrete

1.Hydraulic-driven,diamond wire saw machine can work in different situations.
2.It’s made of hard materials.The wedges are running stability,long surviving life of our diamond wire saw machine.
3.Powerful cutting ability,it can split the stone or concrete easily with no cutting depth limitation.
4.High efficiency,and it’s easy and comfortable to operate and maintain.
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Introduction of diamond wire saw cutting machine:

Diamond wire saw cutting machine is perfect for applications where large sections must be cut or space restrictions govern. Possible uses for the diamond wire saw include:

Diamond wire saw cutting machine is one of the more unique techniques used in demolition and heavy construction. The process of using a diamond studded wire to cut through large objects originated in stone quarries, but its applications are endless in the world in which Aggregate Technologies works. Wire sawing with the use of diamond segments allows virtually any large concrete or steel cross section to be cut through and removed. The only restriction are related to the ability to lift and remove the sections upon completion of sawing.

This technique is ideal for sawing through thick concrete that cannot be cut with traditional saws. When the wire saw is needed, a multi-strand cable with diamond segments is connected to a system of pulleys and is mechanically pulled through the concrete in a continuous manner. The system can be assembled quickly, making it easy to keep the project on schedule when other methods could cause delays. The rapid deployment of the wire saws make it the perfect means to address critical projects involving damaged structures. Overall, the diamond wire saw is the perfect solution when more traditional sawing methods are impractical.

Used properly, diamond wire saw cutting machine allows large sections to be removed quickly, efficiently, and safely. This technique can even be used when a job must be done immediately. The contractors of Aggregate Technologies can be ready at the drop of a hat, making the wire saw the ideal solution when there is not time to assemble and transport the typical, cumbersome saws used on most projects. Aggregate Technologies’ wire sawing abilities have saved the day numerous times when critical infrastructure was damaged and repairs were required immediately. When there can be no delay, the wire saw’s advantages of speed and efficiency make it the go-to choice. Aggregate Technologies has the experience working with the wire saw in difficult situations, and should be the first call when a job requires the creative engineering of the wire saw.

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Concrete diamond wire saw machine

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