Granite Hydraulic Rock And Concrete Splitter

Demolition of concrete and lightly reinforced concrete
Demolition of heavily reinforced concrete
Wall demolition
Ceiling demolition
Bridge demolition
Demolition of foundations
Cutting concrete pillar heads
Interior demolition work
Demolition in a restricted space
Tunnel enlargement
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Introduction of Granite rock and concrete splitter:

The hydraulic splitter, also known as rock splitter is the first type of portable hydraulic tool that is used in demolition jobs which involve breaking large blocks of concrete and rocks.

The hydraulic rock and concrete splitter works on the impact principle to break material. While the other works from the inside of rock or concrete to break the mass. Sometimes both of these tools can be very effective when used together.

hydraulic rock splitters-022a.jpg       granite rock splitter-012a.jpg

Parameters of Granite rock and concrete splitter:

Hydraulic rock splitter-032a.png

Use note of Granite rock and concrete splitter:

For your better use of our granite rock splitter to avoid undue failure of the hydraulic splitting machine, please be sure to observe the following when using the splitting machine and strictly observe:

1. After the hole depth reaches the standard, the splitter can be inserted into the hole for division.

(Hole depth requirements: splitter front split length + 300mm or more, for example: split block length 250mm, then the drill must be more than 550mm hole can use split machine)

2. Granite rock and concrete splitter splits a certain grease after splitting 3-5 holes to reduce the friction between the wedge and the rock drill splitter.

3. Do not use the splitter gun as a crowbar to use!

hydraulic conrete splitter-020a

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