Diesel splitter Hydraulic Granite Rock Splitter For hard rock

1 split process without vibration, no impact, no noise, no dust, split within a few seconds to complete
The 2 single machine maximum split force up to 480 tons, high efficiency, can control the split, demolition, split size accuracy
3 light weight, simple operation, easy maintenance can be carried out in indoor and narrow space can be used for underwater construction.
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Product Details

Diesel splitter Hydraulic Granite Rock Splitter For hard rock

 Conditions of Use:

Diesel hydraulic splitter is available without three-phase power.

Diesel rock splitter

Working Feature:

1. Demolition and partial reconstruction of reinforced concrete foundation/structure

2. Demolition of reinforced concrete floors/walls

3. Demolition of concrete structures in indoor or narrow spaces

4. Mining of quarry blocks

5. Excavation of tunnels, ditches and other rocks

6. Smelting and demolition

7. Various rescues (earthquakes, mine disasters, roads, etc.

8.Precision work

9.Always controllable

10.Easy handling

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Diesel Splitter Split Hard Rock

Splitter gun technicnical parameter:

Piston cylinder strokeDrill holes diameter Drill holes depthSplitting forceCrack widthSplit gun lengthBlock lengthWeight 

Product display:

Rock Hydraulic Splitter


1. How large a rock splitter is needed?

Answer: The tip of the rock splitter is 46mm in diameter and 350mm in length.

2. How many tons is the splitting force?

Answer: 600 tons of splitting force.

3. What power does the hydraulic oil pump have?

Answer: According to the construction environment, there can be electric power if there is electricity, and diesel power if there is no electricity.

4. How many piston splitters can the hydraulic oil pump be equipped with?

Answer: The hydraulic oil pump can be equipped with a maximum of 6 rock splitters, and the quantity can be customized according to the actual situation.