Handheld Portable Single Hole Pulling Jack

Handheld Portable Single Hole Pulling Jack

Structural features of the mono atrand jack:
1. High sealing reliability. Both the tension cylinder and the return cylinder are double sealed, and the sealing reliability is guaranteed.
2. The link between the devices is tight. The key connection is made between the small cylinder and the two cylinders, the rear end cover and the tool ring, and the rotation probability is small.
3. The overall coordination of the products is high. The design of the two-cylinder and the piston head is in an integral form, so that the possibility of failure of the welding or threading of the two cylinders with the piston head can be avoided, and the reliability of the process technology is also improved.
4, good wear resistance. In order to avoid the assembled force, the design improves the wear ring and wear sleeve and improves the reliability of the product.
5. Good hardness and strength. Parts with excessive force are made of high-quality alloy structure or tool steel, and the hardness and strength are guaranteed.

Product Details

Precautions when using the front card jack:


mono strand pulling jack             hydraulic mono strand pulling jack

mono strand pulling jack

hydraulic mono strand pulling jack


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