Hydraulic Handheld Type Rock Spliitrer

The hydraulic splitting machine is composed of two parts: the pump station and the splitter. When working, the high-pressure oil outputted by the pumping station drives the cylinder, generating huge thrust. The intermediate wedge in the driving wedge group protrudes forward, and the reverse wedge is used. Spreading on both sides will open the split object.
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Hydraulic splitting machine is now widely used in China's quarrying and mining industry, construction engineering, demolition engineering, chemical industry, smelting production and overhaul engineering and various rescue and rescue fields.

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hydraulic rock splitter         hydraulic rock splitter

The splitter can accurately determine the split direction, split shape and required size in advance, and has high splitting precision, can complete the splitting process in a few seconds, and can work continuously without interruption, high efficiency, low operation and maintenance cost. The splitter can operate controllably in a static hydraulic environment, independent of temperature and site constraints, without the need for time-consuming, complex and expensive safety measures like blasting machines and other impact blasting operations. When working, there will be no vibration, shock, noise, dust, flying debris, etc., and the surrounding environment will not be affected. Even in densely populated areas or indoors, as well as precision equipment, it can work without interference. The rock splitter has doubled the rate of finished products, and it is safe, environmentally friendly, economical, precise and flexible. It is an ideal substitute for explosives and manual disintegration in small-area rock mining.


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