Hydraulic Rock Splitter Operate Worked With Power Unit

1、Controlled directional cracking. The required direction of the crack can beobtained by just positioning the handle of the splitter perpendicular to the direction of the required crack.
2、Much faster and greater output as compared to the conventional chiseling/chipping methods as the output is directly proportional to the No. holes drilled.
3、Noiseless, Environ-friendly and dust free operation.
4、Single person operation
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How the hydraulic rock splitter operate:

The hydraulic splitting cylinder contains one plug and two feathers.

The basic parts of splitter consist of two cylinders. The upper cylinder houses the piston which moves the plug in the lower cylinder.

The command valvve is operated by a single lever on top of the unit. The plug is extended or retracted by the command valve.

The cylinder operates at 7100 PSI hydraulic pressure. After the plug is extended, the pressure-matic valve automatically lowers the pressure to approximately 900 PSI; in a neutral position, the PSI drops under 50.

This assembly is inserted into a pre-drilled hole with the plug in a retracted position. When the control lever is turned to ‘F’ for ward position, the plug advances and the two features are forced sidewards against the wall of the hole and the hundereds of tons of pressure tears rock or concrete apart. With the control lever on top of the cylinder, the plug can be advanced, retracted or held in any position. A break usually occurs within 10 seconds but with extremely hard material, it could be up to 60 seconds.

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Model NumberHole Diameter (mm)Counter Wedge Dia(mm)Counter Wedge Length (mm)Min hole depth (mm)Actually splitting force(ton)Weight(kg)Length Cylinder Body(mm)Splitting Distance

hydraulic conrete splitter

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