Hydraulic Wire Saw|Diamond Beaded Rope

Hydraulically driven power cutting equipment enables various cuts for thicker concrete. It is the most suitable cutting construction equipment for cutting, dismantling and repairing concrete walls, bridges and pillars. Rope saws are capable of handling even densely packed reinforced concrete structures, even underwater cutting from 30 to 50 meters. The wire saw can meet the cutting depth that the hydraulic wall saw cannot reach. The depth of cutting work is not limited, the operating environment is more adaptable and the operating efficiency is higher.
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Description of Hydraulic wire saw:

With the increasing number of bridge demolition projects, safety accidents in the process of bridge demolition continue to occur. In order to improve the efficiency of demolition and reduce similar safety accidents, the author summarizes the traditional method of bridge demolition and its shortcomings. He introduced the concrete demolition technology and new equipment that emerged in recent years at home and abroad and is suitable for bridge demolition, Hydraulic wire saw and rock splitters used widely.

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Due to the appearance of hydraulic wire saws, the protection of the buildings was removed and the construction was carried out, and the safety of the buildings was preserved. Hydraulic wire saw is an advanced engineering tool used in the reconstruction and reinforcement of construction projects. It is used as a special cutting tool and is suitable for the cutting of hard materials such as reinforced concrete and rock. It is widely used to open doors, open windows and open vents on walls. And cutting of reinforced concrete beams and columns, cutting of floor slabs, and stone processing. The use of he can make the demolition of densely packed reinforced concrete and stone materials easier, safer and more effective. Hydraulic wire saw has the following remarkable features: reduced labor intensity, safe and reliable operation, overload protection, strong power, improved cutting capacity and labor productivity. It is an advanced equipment used in demolition, demolition and transformation of construction projects. Because of its linear cutting can make the construction section more neat; but also because it can double the speed of work to shorten the construction period, further reduce labor costs, increase bidding advantages, expand the scale of acceptable construction projects; the hydraulic system's own safety, Reliability and stability have greatly reduced the cost of depletion of construction equipment; in addition, static cutting, such as strong saw cutting, has gradually become a construction and design concept because it can preserve the stability and safety of existing structures to the greatest degree.

Parameters of Hydraulic wire saws

Sj-25 power station parameters:

1 motor output power: 25kw;

2: Power Supply: 380v/50hz;

3 greater pressure: 28mpa;

4: power station weight: 295kg;

Sj-25 hydraulic wire saw machine rack parameters:

Higher speed: 3000rpm;

Cutting line speed: 30m/s;

3: Tension motor to adapt to pressure: 21mpa;

4: frame weight: 175kg;

Sj-25 Hydraulic Wire Saw Features:

1: The main flywheel diameter: 330mm;

2: Height: 900mm;

3: Machine height: 1350mm;

4: Turning range: 360 degrees;

5: Machine combination weight: 170kg.