Hydrualic Hand-held Rock Splitter

About The Hydrualic Hand-held Rock Splitter:
1. Split all kinds of natural stones, rock, granite, marble mining & quarrying;
2. Remove redundant reinforced concrete structures, concrete machine beds and plinths ;
3. Underwater demolition & Demolition in a restricted space;
4. Controlled demolition of pillars, concrete and walls where heavy equipment is impractical.

Product Details

1.Instruction of Hydraulic Rock Splitter:

Rock splitter is widely used in mineral mining (cave mining), civil engineering construction and demolition.
It is also an indispensable tool in construction, river dredging, salvation etc. Our main Models of hydraulic 
pump and cylinder are as follows. If you are interested in, please let us know which type of pump you need.


2.The Parameters of The Hydraulic Rock Splitter:


3.The Parameters of the hydraulic rock splitter:

Drill diameter(mm)
drilling depth(mm)Split block length(mm)Theory splitting force(t)

The actual

splitting force(t)



Crack width(mm)


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