Mining rock splitter mounted with excavator

No noise or very low noise - only cracking level
No vibration but only drilling
No dust but only drilling
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Product Details

Introduction of ultra large rock splitter mouonted truck:

Three wedges, two on side and one in center are combined to push out rock in two opposite direction and combination of three wedges are most important for wedge type of rock splitter.

Only right combination and design can guarantee less failure and stable operation for long time.

 Ultra wedge does not require frequent greasing and any kinds grease oil is applicable. These are directed to non-stop working and less cost of operation as well. 

ultra-large rock splitters13.jpg    ultra-large rock splitters23.jpg

Parameters of ultra large rock splitter

ultra-large rock splitters|ultra-large rock splitters-001

ultra-large rock splittersultra-large rock splitters For a large area of rock split construction hoisting machine-019.png