Piston Hydraulic Rock Splitter Equipment

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How does it work?

Drill the hole 5mm to 10mm larger that the rock splitter, depth t 80mmØ and 1~3-meter deep by crawler drill or leg drill.

Put the power cylinders into the holes and then push the rock toward the free face side.

Totally 1,000~ 1,400-ton power pushes the rock for 2-4 minute and then the rock will be split.

For the removal of the broken rock, use a hydraulic hammer or single ripper will be used for breaking the large size of broken rock.

The productivity and efficiency is depended on the number of holes drilled and the spacings, normal 400m centre is a great starting point. The breaking period is approx 2~4minute.

Features and Benefits of the Hydraulic Rock Splitter:

Powerful: the power pack produces 0.48 litres per minute under high pressure of 2,000 kgf/cm  sq (rock fracturing normally occurs in this high-pressure state over less than one minute)

Versatile: this power pack is suitable for any hydraulic application of over 1,000 kgf/cm sq up to 2,500 kgf/cm sq.

Quality design and components: the pistons and cylinders are constructed from quality materials and are heat treated.

Low maintenance:  these quality plunge type cylinders and pistons, designed for high pressure, last many years without periodic check up.

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Concrete application of piston rock splitter equipment in tunnel excavation


As mentioned earlier, although there are currently advanced hydraulic rock splitters, the previously used explosives can not be abandoned completely. In the course of tunnel excavation and construction using explosives, it will inevitably result in the formation of bodies. And the larger rock, this rock has been split from the mountain, but due to the construction space, etc., it is impossible to smoothly transport the split whole rock out of the tunnel. At this time, the rock splitting machine needs to split it. This type of rock undergoes secondary crushing. We know that for rock, in general, its compressive strength is relatively large, but its tensile strength is relatively small. According to surveys, the ratio of compressive strength and tensile strength of rock is approximately About 10:3, the rock splitter is designed based on this mechanical property. The hydraulic rock splitter consists of two parts: one is a hydraulic pump that provides power, and the other is a split gun that is used for rock breaking. During the working process, the hydraulic pump transmits the super high pressure oil pressure generated by the transmission system to the split gun, and the split gun advances under the mechanical action. In the process of advancement, the wedge in the middle of the split gun will be opened on both sides. Under the action of this mechanical movement, the split and heavy rock will be effectively split. According to device size


Different from the power, different rock splitters produce different splitting forces. In the general tunneling process, the rock splitting gun can produce more than 600 tons of splitting force under the action of a hydraulic pump. It is enough to cut and split the rock of the general structure.


Parameters of piston rock splitter equipment:

piston rock splitter equipment12

piston rock splitter

Q:This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?

A:There are English manual or teaching video that show how to use machine.

If there is still have any question, please contact us by e-mail / skype/ phone /trademanager online service at any time. 

Q:If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do?

A:Free parts send to you in machine warranty period if machine have any problem. 

Q:What is MOQ?

A:The minimum order is 1 set machine, if you order more one time, the price will be better. 

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