Piston Rock Splitter Hand-held Rock Separation Equipment Electric Or Diesel Power

1. Hydraulic split tonnage up to 1200 tons -2100 tons. 2. Quite and Safe 3. Can basically replace the traditional explosive blasting construction, construction costs are low. 4. no stone splash phenomenon,no dust and environmental friendly.

Product Details

Product description:

The piston rock splitter is mainly composed of two parts: high hydraulic pump station and split rod.

The output of the ultrahigh pressure oil pump station acts on the wall of the split body, and the rock is split in the predetermined direction at (1600t).


Product Applications:



1. Mining of mine stone: granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc.
2. Segmentation of large blocks: The split of blocks up to 1 cubic meter can be realized.)
3. clear large waste rock, dead ends, obstacles, leveling the venue.

②Engineering: municipal infrastructure, extensive use of urban construction.

1. Earth and stone excavation works
2. Tunnel excavation works
3. Smelting and demolition

③Other fields

1. Earthquake, landslides, roads and railways, traffic accidents, emergency rescue, etc.

piston rock splitter Piston rock separation equipment for large pore size high tonnage split.png

Product parameters:


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