Piston Rock Splitter|hydraulic|handheld

Application of piston rock splitter :
1. Mining of mine stone: granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, etc.
2. Mining of metal ores, non-metallic mines and coal mines.
3. the mining of large pieces of stone: It can achieve the secondary split and fracture of a block of thousands of cubic meters;
4. Segmentation of large blocks: The split of blocks up to 1 cubic meter can be realized.
5, clear large waste rock, dead ends, obstacles, leveling the venue.

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Description of piston rock splitter:

piston rock splitter can be used in large rock demolition sites like underground tunneling sites or building foundation sites. This type of piston splitter produces much stronger splitting forces than wedge splitting. The piston splitter requires larger hole sizes usually of 90mm,95mm,105mm.

piston rock splitter-1qw.jpg  piston rock splitter-2qw.png

Parameter of piston rock splitter:

piston rock splitter-05cd

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