hydraulic rock splitters

hydraulic rock splitters

1. Hydraulic rock splitters can split tonnage up to 1200 tons -2100 tons.
2. It basically replace the traditional explosive blasting construction, construction costs are low.
3. no vibration, no stone splash phenomenon, safety and environmental protection
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Specifications of hydraulic rock splitters:

  • Hydraulic rock splitters is the most efficient and silent method for excavation of hard rock. After drilling the splitting hole, the splitters wedges are inserted and the hydraulic power cracks the rock, silently and in a very controlled manner

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Use of hydraulic rock splitters:

1. Open mining gold, silver, lead, lead, aluminum and other metal mines, with the hole drill hole using hydraulic plunger split rod can quickly split the ore body, safe, efficient, no vibration.

2. When a huge rock is required to be split in a subway tunnel under a city building and a dynamite can not be used, a split bar can be used to effectively divide the piston rock splitter.

3. Geotechnical engineering in the large rock division, removal, instead of picks, instead of broken hammer, instead of expansion agent on the mountain without blasting excavation.

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Parameters of hydraulic rock splitters:

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piston rock splitter

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