Piston Rock Splitter Worked With Power Unit

1 hydraulic split tonnage up to 1200 tons -2100 tons.
2 can basically replace the traditional explosive blasting construction, construction costs are low.
3 no vibration, no stone splash phenomenon, safety and environmental protection.
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Product Details

Introduction of piston rock splitter:

The first time you use a Hand held piston rock splitter, you’re in for a surprise. Here’s this compact, quiet tool…and it hits harder than any other type of breaker. That’s because hydraulics are more efficient than electric, pneumatic or gas-powered tools. For example, a 70 lb. hydraulic breaker gives you the same hitting power as a 90 lb. pneumatic. Thanks to their amazing impact energy, hydraulic breakers can be used on concrete, asphalt and frozen ground. You can, of course, also use them for trenching, tie-tamping, spike driving and general demolition

The device is particularly useful when conventional demolition work with large machines is banned. “Today, we are mainly active in the demolition industry. Keeping pace with the constantly growing needs and requirements in this industry presents us with new challenges every day

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One full set include piston rock splitter and pump

Parameters as below:

piston rock splitter:

1. Splitter Diameter:85MM
2. eight piston plungers
3.Drilling borehole diameter: 90MM
4. Drilling depth:800-1000MM
5. Splitting tonnage:1200tons
6. working pressure:120Mpa

Electric power units:

1.Electric high pressure oil pump 3KW

3.oil tank volume:33L
4. work pressure:120Mpa
5. hydraulic oil flow:2.27L/min.
6. 46# hydrauli oil

One full set inlude power units and one to six splitters. When piston rock splitter is in operation, the hydraulic pump generates huge high-pressure power. The piston rock splitter mechanically amplifies the ultra-high pressure oil pressure generated by the hydraulic pump and transmits it to the splitter. The splitter generates specific stress and splits the object. According to the pre-planned splitting direction, effective splitting is performed. Rock splitters have a wide range of applications. It can be said that rock splitters can be found everywhere in the mining project. In the water conservancy project, it has also been widely used. In order to avoid the impact of blasting on surrounding houses and building facilities, the rock splitter as an emerging engineering machine has effectively solved the impact of blasting and has improved the construction work. Security. Rock splitters have been widely used in the construction of railways and highways. During the excavation and excavation of tunnels, hydraulic rock splitters are also indispensable for construction machinery; in addition, there are many applications for rock splitters. For example, drilling projects, excavation of foundation pits, pipeline construction projects, etc. 

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