Piston Rock Splitter Machine|Subway, Tunnel, Foundation Pit, Rock Excavation

Piston Rock Splitter Machine|Subway, Tunnel, Foundation Pit, Rock Excavation

Hydraulic column splitting bar has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation (as long as 1 to 2 people), high construction efficiency, high safety, energy saving, environmental protection and many other advantages.
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Piston rock splitter machine|Subway, tunnel, foundation pit, rock excavation

Description of piston rock splitter tool:

An innovative product that can completely replace explosive medicine mining -- hydraulic plunger splitting bars, split bars, also called split bars, is a high-end mining equipment that can replace explosive and explosive blasting, a master of silent rock blasting, an upgraded product of piston rock splitter hydraulic, and a new favorite of geotechnical engineering.

The development of a new type of hydraulic plunger splitting rod will mean replacing explosive and medicine splitting rock, and mining mine gradually becomes a reality.

The hydraulic plunger splitting rod is a new type of explosive splitting device. 9-12 small pistons similar to jacks are arranged on the split rod body. When working, will be placed in the pre split bar rock drilling hole drilled in super high pressure oil when providing 120-150MP to split bar, a small piston extends out of direct force on the wall of the hole, so that the rock yenbo hole direction split, high efficiency, no vibration, safety to rock breaking.

Parameters of piston rock splitter machine:

piston rock splitter2

piston rock splitter equipment.jpg

Specific implementation steps of piston rock splitter are as follows:

First, a specific drill diameter and depth in the hole on the object to be split, split wedge machine group (an intermediate wedge and two reverse wedge) is inserted in the hole, the middle wedge through the hydraulic pressure between the two reverse wedge moving forward, from the inside to the outside release the biggest energy - 400 tons, will be split objects within a few seconds in a predetermined direction.

So as to break the rock and remove the concrete.

Piston rock splitter machine has the characteristics of small size, light weight, convenient operation, safe and reliable, flexible use, high work efficiency, no vibration, no impact, no noise, no dust, controllable direction, economic and practical features.

Main application fields of piston rock splitter equipment:

1. rock fragmentation, rock excavation (such as rock ditch, foundation excavation), rock two division, tunnel mining, underground mine mining and mining (including pipeline extension, pipe jacking in rock tunnel excavation, small static blasting etc.).

2. The quarry mining, marble, granite, sandstone.

3. plain concrete and reinforced concrete demolition, concrete and lightweight reinforced concrete structure demolition, strengthening reinforced concrete structure demolition, in enclosed spaces and inaccessible space in the narrow space of demolition, demolition, demolition of rock and concrete walls, concrete pile head, large concrete chimney demolition removal, two divisions (such as concrete waste recycling field two crushing etc.).

4. The demolition application, metallurgical industry the electrolytic tank in electrolytic aluminum plant overhaul, carbon plant carbon block broken, all kinds of refractory furnaces.