Rock Drill Splitter used in various demolition work

Features of rock drill splitter:
1.Used for breaking rock and stones and destroying concrete structures in construction work site. Etc.
2.Silent, vibration free, and safe comparing with hydraulic breaker, explosion, or non-explosive demolition agent.
3.Rock splitter uses the principe of wedge, it doesn’t require special skill.
4.Easy replacement of wedge and counter-wedges. Variety sizes of wedge and counter-wedge to suit every workign situation
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Product Details

Description of rock drill splitter:

Rock drill Splitter can work in many job site such as demolition of bridge, development of residential land, sewerage job site, underwater etc to break rocks and concrete.

Hydraulic pressure move the cylinder and thrust the wedge. Therefore less noise and less vibration compared to hitting. Moreover it is safe because gunpowder is not required. 

HIRADO Rock Splitter feature, C-15 is small easy to handle, K-25 is powerful.


How to operate

・Drill a hole by Rock Driller

・Put the HIRADO Rock Splitter into the hole

   (Source of power is HIRADO air pump or electric pump)

・Split rock by operating pump lever

・Regarding machine selection, bit and rod selection, feel free to ask us.

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Parameters of rock drill splitter:

rock drill splitter321Application of rock drill splitter:

1.All kinds of natural stones, rock, granite, marble mining & quarrying
2.Machine bases fracture
3.Bridge columns demolition
4.Reinforced concrete structures removal
5.Mass foundations splitting
6.Controlled demolition of pillars, concrete and walls where heavy equipment is impractical
7.Staircase removal
8.Premises that may be in continual use such as hospitals, factories, offices and hotels
removing redundant reinforced concrete structures, concrete machine beds and plinths, mass filled concrete etc.
9.Underwater demolition
10.Demolition in a restricted space
11.Tunnel work
12Trench excavation

hydraulic conrete splitter

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hydraulic concrete splitter

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