Ultra Wedge Rock Splitter Mounted With Excavator

Introduction of ultra wedge rock splitter: A large-scale airborne hydraulic ripper, this is also applied to the wedge principle (an intermediate wedge and two reverse wedges) inserted into the hole, the middle wedge acting between the two opposing wedges through the action of hydraulic pressure Before exercise, it releases a large amount of energy from inside to outside, destroys its structure from inside the rock, and splits the rock in a predetermined direction.
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Description ultra wedge rock splitter:

The ultra wedge rock splitter can be mounted from a crane or a normal excavator for open pits or shafts, or mounted on a specialized carrier for horizontal tunneling. For large volumes of rock, there is simply no mechanical method more efficient, safe and silent than the Yamamoto rock splitter.

ultra wedge rock splitter

Working principle of ultra large rock splitters:

The working principle is based on a two counter wedges inserted in a pre-drilled hole. A hydraulic cylinder pushes out a centre wedge between the counter wedges to spread them apart and the rock is split

Key features of ultra wedge rock splitter:

1.Safety:ultra wedge rock Splitter is done without any explosives, pollution or noise. Therefore it is possible to work in an environment where there are restrictions for such issues. Also it offers a safe working environment.

2.Productivity:ultra wedge rock Splitter offers highest possible productivity due to large wedge diameter and very high splitting force.

3.Durability:ultra wedge rock splitter is designed with minimal parts and provides precise finishing, ensuring product reliability and durability.

4.Accuracy:Direction of splitting and the size of the split can be determined in advanced. Offering more accuracy than explosives

5.Efficiency:Due to the lack of fly rock or any other dangers, the splitting process can be done continuously without any evacuations or unnecessary pauses.

6.Simple:Very simple and easy to use; minimise the need for highly experience operators.

7.Adoptability:Can be attached to almost any kind of hydraulic excavator from 12 ton weight class and up.

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Parameters of ultra large rock splitters:

ultra-large rock splitters-01q

hydraulic rock splitter

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hydraulic rock splitter

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