Ultral Large Hydraulic Rock Splitter

Application of ultra large rock splitters:
1.ultra wedge rock Splitter used in large volume of rock, steep terrain, mountain slope in the upper surface of the dangerous rock;
2.Boulder, and foot from the villagers living area;
3.The lump ore (metals, non-metallic minerals) of the first and two mountain rock disintegration;
4.Ultra Large Rock Splitter collapse, rock quarry mining, large concrete structures and the demolition of all local jobs and other areas.
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Product Details

Ultra-Large Rock Splitter

High efficient and safest way to excavate hard rock

Features of Zhongtuo Ultra-Large Rock Splitter

It uses high pressure hydraulic oil as the energy source.The oblique cutting principle is applied to make the splitting force reach thousands of tons,and the air bome splitting machine can be used in 30-650tons.The advantage as below:

Safety: Rock splitting is done without any explosives,pollution or noise,reducing the risk of fly rock.

Productivity: Offers highest possible productivity due to large wedge diameter and      very high splitting force.

Durability: Designed with minimal parts and provides precise finishing,ensuning product reliability and durability.

Accuracy:   Direction of splitting and the size of the split can be determined in advanced. Offers more accuracy than explosive.

Efficiency:   Due to the absence of fly rock or any other dangers, the splitting process can be done continuously without any evacuations or unnecessary pause.

Simple:   Very simple and easy to use,minimised the need for highly experenced operators.

Adaptability:  Can be attached to almost any kind of hydraulic excavator from 12 ton weight class and up.

Ultra-Large Rock Splitter

Parameters of ultral large rock splitter:

ultral large rock splitter


when the production volume is relatively large (greater than 1000 tons/ day), it is recommended to adopt multiple airborne splitting machines (2~3)Station), or another mobile hydraulic power station equipped with 2~3 splitting machine.


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