Hydraulic Chain Saw

1. Light weight and good balance.
2. The applicable flow range is large.
3. The hydraulic motor is directly driven.
4. Both diamond and diamond saw blades can be used.
5. There is a safety function to prevent the saw blade from jamming. 6. Can be installed on a small cart.

Product Details

The diamond chain saw driven by the power unit, coupled with a bar containing water channel for chain lubrication, It makes cutting concrete and reinforced concrete and rock as well as metal materials.


  • Light weight and powerful function

  • The handle and the guard matched with the body dynamics

  • With laser welded segments impregnated with diamond and water channel for chain lubrication and cooling

  • Option different bars and chains for cutting depth 330mm~500mm, plunge cutting for window and door openings, air conditioner cutouts, and notching or trimming and cutting square corners without over-cut

  • Replace with the diamond chain for cutting ductile iron and PVC pipe

    Hydraulic chain saw-02


Weight (kg): 11.8,

Dimensions (length * width) mm: 940 * 240 * 265,

Hydraulic flow (lpm): 26-34,

Working pressure (bar): 105-172,

Cutting depth (mm): 380,

Chain plate size (mm): 380

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