Auger Drill Bit for Soil

Auger Drill Bit for Soil

1. High quality, Alloy steel drill bit
2. Suitable for Auger Drill rod to drill soil
3. For all size you wanted

Product Details

Coatings used on Auger Drill Bit for Soil:

  • Black Oxide - The most economical coating. Black oxide adds corrosion protection, increases tempering and stress relieving of the bit, reduces galling and chip welding, and aids in retaining drilling lubricants. Black oxide is suitable for drilling iron and steel but is not recommended for drilling aluminum, magnesium, or similar materials.

  • Bronze Oxide - Bronze oxide increases tempering and stress relieving of the bit and is generally used alone to visually identify cobalt steel or with black oxide to identify better grades of high speed steel.

  • Titanium Nitride (TiN) - A more expensive coating that increases the hardness of the bit and provides a thermal barrier resulting in increased production rates and longer tool life in harder materials. TiN also provides the same benefits as black and bronze oxide. TiN coated bits are suitable for drilling iron and steel as well as aluminum, magnesium, etc.

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Auger Drill Bit for Soil are generally classified as Twist Drill, Counterbore, Countersink, Flat Bottom Boring, and Specialty. On our web site we have divided these into two categories:

  • Drill Bits - Normally used with hand held drills or drill presses fitted with standard chucks. These machines use a key to tighten or loosen the clamping mechanism.

  • Boring Machine Bits - Typically used in automated machinery such as drill banks or CNC machines fitted with tool holders or single size collets. These machines require tools to assemble and disassemble the clamping mechanism. Many boring machine bits are available in right or left hand rotation.

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